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Ready-to-order and
custom-designed wedding invitations

Embossed wedding invitation
Bespoke wedding invitation

Putting ideas to paper 

We like the idea that you can get a few different looks from just one design, so you can customise our ready-to-order designs by just playing with the colours and fonts. Even though it's not bespoke, the wedding invitation will distinctively be yours!


And if you have something specific in mind, we also do custom orders under our Bespoke Services. Just let us know your vision and we will help put it from idea to paper.

Sweet and simple, yet indulgent

The name Caramel reflects on our philosophy;
and just like our name, our designs are sweet and simple yet indulgent. 


They range from modern to contemporary, to traditional with a twist; but never conventional.

Bespoke Design
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We are passionate and enthusiastic
about design and 
we hope to share it
with everyone!