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Money Packets

We are proud that Malaysia is multi-cultural, and we love that there are overlaps between the different cultures. Angpau giving is a tradition that is practiced during both Chinese New Year and Hari Raya. To celebrate this, we’re introducing our Muhibbah money packets which can be used for both festivites. 


Muhibbah Money Packets
Beautifully foil-stamped in two different colours and patterns.

For our first Muhibbah series, we were inspired by Seni Anyaman which is the traditional art of weaving; an art form which requires skill and patience. We think it perfectly illustrates how the different cultures are interwoven together to make up our unique Malaysian identity.

  • All packets come in a cute gold metallic card packaging

  • Each pack includes 10 pieces

  • Size: 82.5mm (width) x 82.5mm (height)

  • paper in 120gsm 

  • no glue on flap but with diecut slit


  • Design 1: metallic pink paper with green and gold foil stamp

  • Design 2: metallic dark green paper with copper and purple foil stamp

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