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About Caramel

Caramel Paper Designs started out from the love of design, pretty things and wedding stationeries. 


The name Caramel reflects on our philosophy; and just like our name, our designs are sweet and simple yet indulgent. They range from modern to contemporary, to traditional with a twist; but never conventional.

We started our journey by focusing on wedding invitations; Ready-to-Order and Bespoke, but have now expanded our range by including other paper loves such as our recipe album, framed prints and personalised notecards.

RTO_Dancing leaves 2.jpg

At Caramel, we believe in the small touches to make everything a little bit more special for you

As with everything with Caramel, our Recipe Album started out as a personal project to collate and preserve our family's favourite recipes, but it was such a meaningful and rewarding project that we felt that it would be a great keepsake for every family.

We believe in making everything a little bit more special by tailoring our designs just for you. We believe that design and quality shouldn't be compromised. So for those who want something different, we are passionate and enthusiastic about design and we hope to share it with everyone!

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